And POOF, Everything’s Gone — Where’d You Go, Super Earthling?

Super Earthling will be on hiatus for a while due to an unexpected change in online server storage.

Comcast/Xfinity has been my Internet provider for years, during which time I’ve used their hosting, which included plenty of online storage for images, etc. The images in all my posts were visible on the blog because they were hyperlinked to Comcast’s server.

With little notice, Comcast ends that service to subscribers as of October, 2015. All subscriber images will be deleted from their servers. That means all of the images here on the blog will disappear, leaving nothing but those forlorn little boxes with an X inside. *sigh* So I’ve taken down all the posts—wiped it all clean—to avoid that. (*very sad emoticon*)

I’m dealing with the same situation for all of my blogs and my websites (including my official Daisy Dexter Dobbs author website). Once I’m able to recreate all of the illustrated posts that I had here, using other options, Super Earthling will return in all its fun and madcap glory.

Until then, thanks so much for your patience and understanding AND, of course, for your wonderful, encouraging support and terrific comments over the years. I appreciate you all!

--Daisy Dexter Dobbs a/k/a Super Earthling…roger wilco, over and out

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